Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust is a Registered Private Charity Trust founded by Music Therapist and well known Sitar player Pt. Shashank Katti. In ancient India, Music Therapy was called Gandharvaved in Ayurveda.

Pt. Katti’s work on Music Therapy began in 1997 – the inspiration for which came from his spiritual guru’s (Late P.P. Shri. Nana Maharaj Taranekar) grandson Dr. Pradeep Taranekar of Indore.


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Few experiences of the patients-

1. Shubhangee Mhaskar: A bed-ridden patient due to heavy back pain, she also suffered depressed mood for last 2 years. She was relieved from her pain and started her regular work after taking the music therapy for 2 weeks.

2. Mrs. Archana Kapade: Severely suffering arthritis patient, who was unable to walk due to knee and back pain. She was cured after taking the music therapy for 4 weeks.

3. Smt. Phalguni Gupta: Asthma patient, she was relieved from her spray which was previously essential every alternate day. The frequency of attacks was also reduced.

4. Deepa Dalvi & Rageshree Paithane: After taking music therapy for 15-20 days got results on migraine and slowly the disorder disappeared.

5. Chitra Thakur Desai: Suffered with shoulder pain for long. She was cured after taking 3 days music therapy in a workshop.

6. Jayeshree Dingankar: Headache was reduced and morning cough trouble was also cured.

7. Laxman Bhatawdekar: Got rid of the collar, which was used by him for spondylitis.

8. Mrs. Mondkar: Stiffness and pain in the neck was gone and easy movements of the neck, which was unmovable for around 2 years, were restored.

9. Smt. Alka Chavate: Good results on hypertension. When the music therapy was stopped for 4 months the trouble started again and after restarting the therapy she got the relief.

10. Swatika Kulkarni: Due to development in blood circulation numbness and stiffness of her hand was reduced.

11. Dr. Vasuha Purohit: Sciatica trouble was reduced after applying music therapy for 3 days.

12. Sumati Pathak: Saliva was secreted while listening to the music, digestion and colitis were improved.

13. Mrs. Prema Sabnis (73): After taking music therapy for 6 weeks the insulin injections which were prescribed by the doctors (twice a day) were stopped. Now only one pill is prescribed. This result is sustaine for last 5 ˝ years.

14. Chandrakant Rasal, Padmakar Kulkarni & Kiran Garkar: They all are diabetic patients and their sugar levels were reduced within 1 or 2 months of music therapy.

15. Vikas Kadam, Srikant Amre & Manorama Dalal: All got results on insomnia and depression and were enthusiastic.

16. Prabhavati Mashve : A severe asthma patient, after having music therapy no asthma attacks were found for 4 to 5 months.

17. Sherekar Maternity Home: Easy delivery, less labor pains and time, well developed babies. Rupali Kamat, Geeta Jaanve, Pooja Dandekar, Mansi Gamre etc.

18. Surya Nursing Home: Average weight gain of premature babies was considerably increased after 28 days of music therapy.

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