Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust is a Registered Private Charity Trust founded by Music Therapist and well known Sitar player Pt. Shashank Katti. In ancient India, Music Therapy was called Gandharvaved in Ayurveda.

Pt. Katti’s work on Music Therapy began in 1997 – the inspiration for which came from his spiritual guru’s (Late P.P. Shri. Nana Maharaj Taranekar) grandson Dr. Pradeep Taranekar of Indore.


The properties of music as therapeutic means are used since ancient times. The application of music like lighting lamp and bringing showers were found to have potential benefits. The use of music as an anti-depressant and mood elevator is always welcome in modern world. This newly invented methodology ‘Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy’ will teach the science of application of  music on different disorders – diseases.  

Music Therapy will play a very important role in the world of alternative therapies in coming future. The educated students in holistic or medical field will definitely be able to use it individually or as a supplementary therapy.

Sound Music knowledge is a pre-requisite. The student seeking for the admission must have at least two years training in Indian Classical Music. A certificate from a qualified Guru is necessary. Qualification in Indian Classical Music like a diploma or degree of a recognised University or equivalent Institution will be highly appreciated. Radio approved musicians are also most welcome for the admission.

Certain categories like MBBS, BHMS, BAMS etc can be exempted provided they posses inclination towards Music.

Qualified doctors and medical students who have shown special ability in music may also be considered to be eligible for the admission. Holistic heelers also can apply.

An audition test will be conducted at the time of admissions, passing which is mandatory in order  to secure admission to this course.


•     Enable students to practice Music Therapy

•     Encourage research in the field of Music Therapy

•     Impart knowledge of relevant disabling conditions by means of clinical studies

•     Develop and expand student’s musical improvisation skills

•     Furtherance of Music Therapy in our country

All Rights Reserved with Pt. Shashank Katti & Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust, Mumbai, India
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