Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust is a Registered Private Charity Trust founded by Music Therapist and well known Sitar player Pt. Shashank Katti. In ancient India, Music Therapy was called Gandharvaved in Ayurveda.

Pt. Katti’s work on Music Therapy began in 1997 – the inspiration for which came from his spiritual guru’s (Late P.P. Shri. Nana Maharaj Taranekar) grandson Dr. Pradeep Taranekar of Indore.


The concept of Music Therapy is not new for Indians. Music Therapy (MT) is said to be called as ‘Gandharvaved’ in Ayurved (though suspected by some). Some references about particular ragas treating particular ailments are also available. However many contradictions were also observed between them. Hence, one who wants to use music as therapy should perform his own experiments his own experience will help to develop Music Therapy.

Scientific studies reveal that music is useful in relieving confused minds and distressed personalities. MT has a definite place in psycho behavioral medical treatment - the patients’ personality, temperaments, habits, passions, characteristics, general reactions to music.

Music therapy is an interpersonal process in which the therapist uses music and all of its facets to help improve or maintain health of self or the benefiter.

Music therapy can be used with individuals of all ages and with a variety of conditions, including: psychiatric disorders, medical problems, physical handicaps, sensory impairments, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, communication disorders, interpersonal problems, and aging. It is also used to improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress, support physical exercise, and facilitate a host of other health related activities.

It restores, maintains and improves emotional,physiological and psychological well being. The articulation, pitch, tone and specific arrangement of swaras (notes) in a particular raga with required modifications stimulates, alleviates and cures various ailments.



India classical 'Ragas' have been acclaimed to have healing effects. They stimulate the brain, ease tension and remove fatigue. The effect of Music Therapy may be immediate or slow,depending upon number of factors like the subject, his mental condition, environment and the type of Music, selected for having the desired effect. Music Therapy largely depends on individual needs and taste. The use of Music as therapy is based on scientific and clinical approach and has to be used with great care and deep study of the nature of illness. We can call it ‘The study of Individual - Modality Theory’. Before using music as Therapy it must be ascertained which type of music is to be used. The concept of Music Therapy is dependent on correct intonation and right use of the basic elements of music. Such as notes (swaras) rhythm, volume, beats, and piece of melody. There are countless ragas of course with countless characteristic peculiarities of their own. Different ragas are applied in different cases.


Considering different properties of Indian Classical Music, different principles from Ayurved (an ancient Indian medical science) Pt. Shashank Katti, associated with a group of doctors, developed a new music therapy methodology called ‘Sur-Sanjeevan’.

Firstly the attention is drawn towards the relaxation factor. It is understood that music is relaxing but it should be realised that any music couldn’t be relaxing to everybody. It is totally subjective that which music is relaxing for a person. It can be very easily accepted that the music, which is liked by a person, can only relax him or her.

A music liked by a person can be relaxing but not always curing as only particular music which affects the body in a particular way can help the body in curing procedure. It is like taking a medical dose to cure yourself even if you do not like it.

Sur-Sanjeevan Music Therapy is built up with 4 major aspects:

1. Modern Medical Inventions

2. Traditions and Applications of Indian Classical Music

3. Mood Elevation Theory

4. Fundamental Principles from Ayurveda


The disease (disorder) is firstly diagnosed and its imbalance is categorised according to Kaph, Pitta and Vata doshas and subdoshas. Matching the time a particular raga is selected and applied as Music Therapy using certain rules to enhance or reduce the required energy levels. The treatment goes on for about 30 days for the duration of about 20-25 minutes at that particular time. Patient is asked to listen the music in a relaxed mood sitting comfortably or lying down. Results are observed after 4-5 weeks. It is observed that modification like stressing a particular note in a raga is required to get the required result.

Diseases like joint muscular pain, sciatica etc. get comparatively early results. Similarly patients of insomnia and depression get relief quite quickly. But chronic disorders like diabetes, asthma and hypertension take more than 4-5 weeks time. Quite satisfactory results were achieved on labor pains of pregnant ladies, weight gain of premature babies in a maternity home and nursing home. MT was also administered through pre-recorded cassettes, that the patients were advised to listen to, as a course of 4-5 weeks. Patients’ progress is monitored through mail, phones or during personal MT sessions.

There is a large scope for the development of this therapy. It’s like we are floating in a small drop of ocean. When many musicians start working on this therapy, surely the combined efforts of all and experiences collected together will help this therapy establish itself as a major therapy of India as it was there at the time of Tansen.


All Rights Reserved with Pt. Shashank Katti & Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust, Mumbai, India
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