Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust is a Registered Private Charity Trust founded by Music Therapist and well known Sitar player Pt. Shashank Katti. In ancient India, Music Therapy was called Gandharvaved in Ayurveda.

Pt. Katti’s work on Music Therapy began in 1997 – the inspiration for which came from his spiritual guru’s (Late P.P. Shri. Nana Maharaj Taranekar) grandson Dr. Pradeep Taranekar of Indore.


The certificate course in Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy, is a specialized course that aims at helping you use music for health benefit and holistic living.

Based on some of the most extensive research, specifically developed Sur-Sanjeevan and finest of , this course will take you to the grass roots level and equip you to use newly invented methodology of Music Therapy to treat ailments.


1.   Historic event about musical miracles and its conclusion (about Tansen Vikramaditya )

2.   Modern inventions (an experiment about neurohormonal secretions)

3.   Mood elevation theory and application of music as therapy.

4.   Sound Waves, Binaural beats, Entrainment of brain, concept of Sur, control of mind on body through brain, Brain waves, States of brain frequencies, Primary knowledge about functioning of brain. Relaxation, Meditation, Sleep, Hyper activity etc.  Entrainment of mind and generation of  feelings resulting in Entrainment of brain.

5.   Indian Classical Music. Few definitions like Sur, Taals, Rags, Vadi, Sanvadi, Aroh, Avroh etc.


[Vaidyaraj Dr. Sanjay P. Chhajed, M.D. (Ayurved)]

6.   Few Ragas for study.

7.   Coordination of Ayurvedic and principles with Indian Classical Music.

8.    Stress management, Definition of stress, Positive stress, Negative stress, Moods of ragas and their application on different

      stress related problems.

9.   Sound waves, Propagation of sound, Pitch and Waveforms, Beats, Phase difference, Structure of ear and process of hearing.

[Dr. Himalaya Pantavaidya, M.D. (Anasth.)]


[Dr. Shubhangi R Parker, D.P.M., M.D., Ph.D. ]


"Music Knowledge is not a pre – requisite". Qualification in Indian Classical Music like a diploma or degree of a recognized University or equivalent Institution will be highly appreciated. Radio approved musicians are also most welcome for the admission.

Certain categories like MBBS, BHMS, BAMS etc can be exempted provided they posses inclination towards Music.

Qualified doctors and medical students who have shown special ability in music may also be considered to be eligible for the admission. Holistic heelers also can apply.

An audition test will be conducted at the time of admissions, passing which is mandatory in order  to secure admission to this course.

Ability of knowing and singing or playing different surs. 

Following Rags with few alaps and a theme.

1. Hindol

2. Todi

3. Puriya Dhanashree

4. Miya Malhar

5. Darbari Kanada

6. Madmad Sarang

7. Malkauns

8. Bageshree

9. Madhuvanti

10. Yaman

Fees of the course :: Rs. 15000/- which should be paid at the time of admission. Rs. 3000/- for course material.

List of the Doctors & Musicians, certified in Pt. Shashank Katti’s ‘Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy’ certificate course by Mumbai Educational Trust ( MET ) & Sur Sanjeevan Music Therapy Trust at Pune -

Doctors ::

Dr. Shefalika Ambike, Dr. Shreerang Upasani ,Dr. Madhuri Gurjar, Dr. Sonali Shah, Dr. Kirtane Dr. Deepa Pimpale Dr. Ashwini Kundalkar, Dr. Mrinal Nerlekar, Dr. Smita Deorukhkar, Dr. Heena Doshi, Zenobia Khodaiji (holistic healer),Dr. Ramakant Kalvikatte, Dr. Dhwani Kothari, Dr. Hemant Thakkar, Dr. Aparna Mayekar, Dr. Nilima Thakkar,Daksha Kamdar ( Holistic Heeler ), Dr. Shobha Patkar, Varija Thakkar ( Yog Master),DR. Madhumita Paranjpe, Dr. Mithula Ravesia, Dr Sujata Naik, Dr. Lekha Nair, Dr. Jyoti Khandkar

Musicians - Singers ::

Dr. Aparna Mayekar, Rameshwari Vaishampayan, Dr. Asavari Thombre, Jayashree Tribedi, Jui Tembhekar, Shruti Padhye, Shubangee Nagdive, I.S.Narayanswami, Urmila Gupta (Holistic Heeler) Divya Vunugopal, Prachi Mayekar, Geeta Jain, Rageshree Kulkarni- Agashe, Suyog Marathe, Neha Deshpande, Tanvi Tapre, Archana Pantsachiv, Milap Rane, Zarna Devi, Srutika Lagoo, Sunila Banrrjee Mitra, Suniti Bave,Chaitral Waze, Madhura Paranjpe, Soly Kapadiya, Meenal Nandedkar

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